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16 May 2010
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Khalid Farhan, Recent Works
Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Meeting Khalid Farhan
We first met in 2001 in Bahrain and, along with the artist Adel Assiwi, I was a member of the Jury of Bahrain Photographers. What drew our attention at that time was a sculpture made of wood, which was displayed just outside the Bahrain National Museum and measuring well over ten meters in length. We were curious to know who the artist is. As expected, the work was a reflection of the inner state of the artist.

In 2002, I invited Khalid Farhan to participate in the Aswan Symposium for Sculpture in Stone in Egypt and he produced an artistic work which we were proud of. His sculpture is still on display in Aswan in the museum along with one hundred and sixty works by artists from countries all over the world. Khalid is well known amongst Egyptian artists from different generations and participated in the Alexandria Library Symposium of Granite in 2005.

It is clear that Khalid’s dealing with stone differs from that of wood. In fact, he deals with every material in a different way according to its specificities. In addition to wood and stone, Khalid Farhan also works in bronze and brass. This diversity reveals and highly developed artistic sense, characterized by intelligence and imagination. Khalid Farhan’s works are a real pleasure to the eyes.

Adam Henin
Sculptor and Artist

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