On 12 January, 2002 the Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Center for Culture and Research opened its doors once again as a forum for debate and exchange on current cultural, social and political issues. Built on the land of the original majlis of Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, the current building is a modern reconstruction. […]

The Abdullah Al Zayed House for Bahraini Press Heritage was the first restoration project undertaken by the Shaikh Ebrahim Center with private sponsors. The newly restored 100-year old building opened in November 2003. Being the house of the founder of the first weekly newspaper in Bahrain and the Gulf, the house is dedicated to the […]

The Mohammed bin Faris Sut Music House was opened on 12 September, 2005 as a museum commemorating the achievements of the Bahraini singer and musician Mohammed bin Faris. Mohammed bin Faris was a master of a type of music that originated in the Arabian Gulf region, the Sut. Through his own compositions and mastery of […]

The Ibrahim Al Arrayed House is dedicated to the art of poetry, which plays a central cultural role in this region. It is named after the famous Bahraini poet Ibrahim Al Arrayed, who was Bahrain’s foremost figure in poetry and literature for over half a century. Opened on 3 April, 2006, the House of Poetry […]

The Kurar House was established on 12 March 2007 to preserve the dying and unique Bahraini art of Kurar embroidery. The building provides a venue for elderly Bahraini ladies to pass on the art of the Kurar to younger generations. The Shaikh Ebrahim Center furthermore promotes the art and production of Kurar by supporting the […]

The Information Center opened in October 2008. It is part of an eighty year-old house featuring traditional Bahraini architecture, and used to be a local majlis. It should be the first port of call for visitors interested in the Shaikh Ebrahim Center. Available at the Information Center are maps of the area with the location […]

Salman bin Hussain bin Salman bin Matar proved to be a man of remarkable abilities and broad interests. He joined his father’s pearl business and during the late 19th and early 20th centuries became one of the major pearl merchants in the entire Gulf region. Virtually all foreigners, especially French and Indian, relied on his […]

The House of Coffee opened its doors to the public on 2 April, 2009. The House of Coffee represents a combination of three old traditional Bahraini houses. To maintain the overall look of the area and the small lane leading to the house, the traditional façade was retained. However, the interior of the houses was […]

“Hiraf Addyar” is a Crafts House devoted to promoting arts and crafts in Bahrain.