A project for reading dedicated to children in the age of 6-12, as Muharraq branch stretches to Al Malkiya village waiting the starting of a new station entrenching slogan (I love my country, I love my village).

The Nukhidhah house is one of the houses located on the future“Pearl Walk”, as a part of the project “Pearling and its cultural landscapes in Bahrain”. The time I got the task by the Shaikh Ebrahim Bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa Center for Culture & Research for conservation and to create the design for the rebuild part […]

This Green Gate at the entrance of Muharraq is a totally new creation because this is my first Vertical Garden outdoor in the Middle East. This Muharraq Green Gate is a living laboratory and it will become an artistic an ecologically sustainable example of the news relations between human beings, nature and towns.

The Water Garden, sponsored by Diyyar Al Muharraq. In the heart of Culture.

With generous support from Kuwait Finance House, the “Lodging House” project is realized to host the visitors of both the Centre and the Bank, in the heart of Muharraq where the privacy, comfort and originality of the popular neighborhoods and cultural concourse. Welcome… our guests.

The music hall located Near Mohamed bin Faris House, for the art of the Khaleeji Sound will host musical evenings and folklore troupes to revive the art of the Gulf.

A snack restaurant in the old house converted into a restaurant.

Memory of the place for Manama pearl merchants one of the unique traditional houses of Manama presented by Khalaf family to be used as a branch of Shaikh Ebrahim Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Centre for Culture & Research.

From that big house that once housed the council of Sheikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, as well as his library, correspondence, and intellectual and cultural meetings, nothing remains except for a single memory, faithful in its gestures and details. The memory that carries the details of his life, the personal belongings that remained after […]