Born in 1940 in Muharraq, Bahrain, Nasser Al Yousif was a pioneer of the modern art movement in Bahrain. At a time when there were but few role models of how to be an artist, very limited resources in terms of physical artistic materials and more importantly a lack of institutions dedicated to the fine […]

Moosa Silwadi’s artistic creations strike the viewer with their energy and explosive dynamism. At times they remind of the whirr of objects moving at high speed, knotted buildings or futuristic cityscapes, at times they could be close-ups of the human anatomy, muscles or other organic forms. Executed in a rhythmic and fluid style, Moosa Silwadi’s […]

Khalid Farhan is one of Bahrain’s most promising young artistic talents. Working as a sculptor in wood, stone, brass and bronze, Farhan is inspired by the fundamental opposition of positive and negative forces in nature. The artist considers the writings of Freud as central to his inspiration and work, in particular the opposition and integration […]

MOHAMED ALKHATIB (1959) better know as EMY KAT, began his career as an Industrial Consultant for big firms in Saudi Arabia. In 1993, he dramatically changed career paths and became a fashion photographer, but also worked on portraits, commercial advertising and shifted in 2009 to Contemporary and fine art photography. He has lived and  worked […]

Born in Ploiești, Romania on August 15, 1954, Stefan Ramniceanu graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts Nicolae Grigorescu in Bucharest in 1979 in the context of the famous “generation of the ‘80s” in Romania. After establishing himself as a fixture in Romanian contemporary painting with his landmark exhibition Ferecătura (Curtea Veche,1988), Ramniceanu decided to […]

US educated photographer Ghada Khunji has recently returned to her home Bahrain after a 20 plus year sojourn in New York. Khunji’s photographs document both landscapes and people from all over the world and are known for the inherent dignity of their human element. After a career focused on fashion and then documentary photography, the […]

Educated in the US, Balqees Fakhro is one of the most distinguished abstract painters from the Gulf region. Her large canvases are inspired by the memory of specific experiences and places. In her work, she investigates pre-historic art and objects as surfaces and the primal as a site of memory in the region. One of […]

Jaffar Al Oraibi is a painter and works mostly in oil on canvas. Featuring towering male figures and an array of animals, his large canvases explore issues relating to social pressures and gender expectations. With a fluid and gestural technique and dominant use of black, his works are a strong voice in Bahrain’s art world. […]

With a recent master’s degree in Fine Arts from Goldsmith’s University, London, artist has already made a remarkable impression in Bahrain by being the youngest winner of the country’s coveted Al Dana Prize, the highest honor the country bestows on its artists during the annual Fine Art Exhibition. Ayesha Almoayyed’s work is inherently experimental and […]

Trained in England, Rashid Al Khalifa’s artistic journey has taken him from landscapes and figurative paintings in the early years to abstract and color field painting, mounted on unique convex canvases. Through his retrospective at the Bahrain National Museum in 2010, Rashid Al Khalifa came to the attention of the wider art world. The artist […]