Mariam Haji

Mariam Haji was born and raised in Bahrain (1985), gained a Diploma in Art and Design at Dundee College, Scotland (2002) and later completed a Bachelors of Fine Arts – Drawing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia (2008). After the completion of her degree Mariam resided in Melbourne. Here she was sponsored to work as the Middle East Project Manager under the Artist and Founding Director Dr. Irene Barberis for Metasenta Projects® and in affiliation with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and The London School of Art, UK. During her time in Australia she was also sponsored to work with Art Workers Alliance as a Project Officer for the Brisbane Arc Biennial (2009).

Mariam is an artist who works with ideas of mortality, the abject and feminism. She engages the audience in dialogue and is interested in the role public art plays for the non-artistic audience. She works in a wide variety of media including drawing, painting, sound, video, installation, and performance and public art. She regularly works as a duo with fine artist Merri Heitala, where they create spontaneous workshops, performances and travelling artworks. Their collective called Meirami Art was established in 2008 and celebrates art existing outside typical gallery settings. Some of their projects which they exhibited in the streets of Melbourne, later travelled to Bahrain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Helsinki. Most recently one of their works involving the concept of a Mammoth travelled to and was displayed at the New Zealand Scott Base in Antarctica.

Since 2010 Mariam has resided and worked in her studio in Bahrain. In January 2012 she was awarded the first prize in the 38th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition, Bahrain. Mariam is currently working towards developing an established series of works for her solo show to be exhibited at the Bin Mattar House, Bahrain (October 2012).

Exhibitions by Mariam Haji