Mohamed Alkhatib

MOHAMED ALKHATIB (1959) better know as EMY KAT, began his career as an Industrial Consultant for big firms in Saudi Arabia. In 1993, he dramatically changed career paths and became a fashion photographer, but also worked on portraits, commercial advertising and shifted in 2009 to Contemporary and fine art photography. He has lived and  worked in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Currently, He is based in Dubai and has a studio in Paris.

The artist’s visual language follows his own distinctive rules and concepts of quality. With their brilliance and emblematical dimensions, his imagery certainly stands out against the world finest photography.

He is the son of KANAAN ALKHATIB, the personal consultant to King Faisal known as the “court poet.” He is a contemporary photographer whose large body of work has been built over several decades. Developing a love for the medium at an early age, he started photography when his father gave him his first camera at age 12. In 1993, He went on to refine his craft in the USA and received a graduate degree from the Brooks Institute of photography (USA) with exceptional academic achievements and honors along with awards in creative excellence.

The artist’s work is included in a number of private collections and his iconography studies on the subject “Femme” is archived and collected by the BNF Bibliothèque Nationale De France (2000). He has also participated in Jeddah Arts 21,39 1st edition “Moallaquat”, Art Dubai and Paris Photo.

Exhibitions by Mohamed Alkhatib