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Bahrain – A Personal Diary

17 April 2016
12 May 2016
17 April 2016, 7:00pm
9:00am to 1:00pm
4:00pm to 7:00pm
- Camille Zakharia
- Asma Murad
- Beverly West
- Claire Lambert
- Daniel Donnelly
- Faris Al Gosaibi
- Hanan Hassan Al Khalifa
- Hayat Abdulsaheb
- Hesham Al Ammal
- Hussain Al Mosawi
- Jason Plews
- Latifa Al Shakar
- Loredana Mantello
- Mahdi Aseeri
- Marwa Rashid Al Khalifa
- Roselyne Brault
- Saji Antony
- Simon Impey
- Stephanie Ravel
- Tosin Arowojolu
- Waleed Al Abbas

The exhibition is the response to a nation-wide open call to photographers working in the documentary genre.  The theme, Bahrain – A Personal Diary, was intentionally general so that it would be accessible and accommodating the widest possible range of artists.  The number of respondents and the high quality of submissions was impressive – a real indicator of the breadth and depth of photographic talent on the island Kingdom of Bahrain.

Out of the large number of submissions, a group of twenty photographers was chosen.  Their projects stood out in terms of their technical and conceptual qualities.  An overriding factor is the selection process was the search for originality, for images that showed the familiar in a new light or with an unexpected twist.  Successful projects show us everyday aspects of Bahrain and its culture that we have come to take for granted. These stories and images are powerful and unique and deserve to be told and documented.  This is ultimately the power of photography – to show us not only the beautiful, but also the every-day, the mundane, to freeze a fleeting moment and capture it for eternity.  It is the sum-total of these images that will one day become primary source material for historians and will remind us of who and how we were.

With over eighty artworks by twenty artists, the current exhibition is one of the largest the Bin Matar House has hosted. I invite you to loose yourself in the picture walls of our gallery and find a new vision or aspect of Bahrain that you may have not previously contemplated.