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22 January 2014
20 February 2014
9:00am to 1:00pm
4:00pm to 7:00pm
- Haya Al Khalifa
- Rasha Yousif
- Saji Antony
- Stephanie Ravel

For years documentary photographers have travelled the world in search of unique moments that transcend the time and place they are captured in, leaving room for the viewer to make his or her own interpretations.

Driven by the intoxicating spell of India, Haya Al Khalifa, Rasha Yousif, Saji Antony and Stephanie Ravel have set out into a country that bristles with a mind stirring mix of cultural traditions and vibrant imagery. Each photographic series gives just a glimpse of the individual journey, but when viewed together we begin to grasp the impact India has made on the artists collectively .

Haya Al Khalifa’s stunning series captures the people of Rajasthan adorned in striking colors but caught in the spatial isolation of the desert landscape of their homeland. Her images reveal idealistic portraits depicted in sharp contrast to a desolate environment reminding us that reality is what we make of it.

Rasha Yousif’s photographs capture the random passengers traveling in Sleeper Class (the budget class of Indian Railways) before they embark on their journey. Her images are taken with intriguing artistic skill and they capture the raw emotion on the faces of the travelers and the charged atmosphere at the station.

With a strong eye for color and composition Saji Antony reveals in his images a routine day at the docks in Kerala. He skillfully shapes his choice of subject matter by digitally creating romanticized portraits of men in their natural surroundings.

In strong contrast stand Stephanie Ravel’s black and white “Impossible stillness” images. Her camera dexterously captures the moves of the martial arts fighters giving a sense of constant continuity and abstract beauty .

This photographic journey explores people and landscapes, traditions and innovations, vibrant colors and basic shades, constant movement and still life -dualities so characteristic to bounty India, through the lens of four adventurous photographers. They venture beyond the obvious interpretation of life style aiming to reveal what is deeply imprinted in a people so rich in soul as they are in colors. The artists will take us on a trip not to be forgotten.