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Khalil Al Hashimi, BRONZE + STONE

9 October 2011
22 October 2011
9:00am to 1:00pm
4:00pm to 7:00pm

The Meaning Of Expression

The more we exist, the more we feel our being and realize meanings. An artist transforms existence through his processes of visualizations and opinions about the universe, from his position within his culture and society.

Similarly, the sculptor’s creative process includes many evolving threads of experience, conflicts and meaning, like dancing rhythms within an inner journey. His expression entices the more receptive to join his journey and share the meaning.

Khalil Al Hashimi demonstrates his talents like a nightingale flying alone, singing a different language but expressing a similar journey through life:

The bird symbolizes all birds – a symbol of freedom within the boundaries of the journey where the inside turns into outside … outside turns into inside forming a debate between stone and bronze to start the journey of meaning within our nebula. The meaning retransforms to create a space where the eye of the viewer moves to see what he does not know … to see what he knows as he never knew it. This raises an eternal question: Does the bird represents the sky or is the sky merely the bird’s horizon?

It is an invitation to enter into a world unlimited.

Jaffar Hassan
Writer and critic
Manama, September 2011