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8 December 2013
4 February 2014
9:00am to 1:00pm
4:00pm to 7:00pm

Sleeping Beauty is an exhibition of an installation taking a shape of a labyrinth, almost 3 meters heigh. It consists of embroidered dresses, approximately 55 x 30cm, floating in the air light as a dream, enveloped by a drapery of white material patched with embroideries, conceptual presentations of dogs running through enchanted forest.

Christine Khonjie embroiders Sleeping Beauty’s 100 years dreams that are perceived by the artist as a transformation, perpetual metamorphosing of the subconscious. In her mind Khonjie sees the princess whose dreams take her running through a magical forest, where trees are enchanted to posses human characteristics, in the search for her lost dog. Christine’s passion for the mystique and ancient translates into her fascination for labyrinths. Hanging fragments of dreams stitched on sheets of baldachin, sheer whiteness blending with the Bin Mattar House inner space, creating almost eerie feeling, grabs the visitor by the hand to take them through a maze, leaving the imagination to run for the search of what will unfold before the eyes.

Khonjie’s most recent work unveils yet another dream of hers in which part take mythological figures from the classical work ‘Metamorphoses’ by Ovid that undertake transformation in their desperation to escape the powerful will of the ancient gods. Gods and humans take the form of a plant or an animal as a punishment for disobedience but also as the only means for endurance. We see this theme influence in the displayed body of work. The beautiful nymph Daphne takes the form of a tree extending arms turning into branches. The Sumerian queen Inanna, adorned with riches – symbols of her power, enters into the underworld, merging with its creatures. We see Medusa, in a playful combat with an enchanted tree.

This exhibition is a display of embroidered dreams a joyful interaction of mythical figures, goddesses emerging from the realm of fantasy and wonder. Christine Khonjie directs her every stitch into a mystic dance of fairytales characters that merge dreams and reality.