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25 March 2016
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The Song of Sanaa: the classical music in Yemen and the lute qanbûs
Location: Abdullah Al Zayed House
Time: 8:00pm to 9:00pm

The Song of Sanaa is the oldest musical tradition in Yemen and the whole Arabian Peninsula.
Until the mid-20th century, the singers were accompanying themselves with a special lute, the qanbûs or tarab, which was characterized by a monoxyle soundbox covered with an animal skin.
The presence of this instrument in Yemen is probably a historical testimony of a wider presence in the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula in older periods. As an ethnomusicologist, Jean Lambert tries to revive this instrument both by his scientific analysises and his musical practice which he inherited from the last great masters in Yemen. Thus he presents us this instrument both by a lecture (in arabic) and a sung performance where he accompanies himself with qanbûs.

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