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8 October 2015
15 November 2015
9:00am to 1:00pm
4:00pm to 7:00pm
- Wijdan


Transparencies II is an exhibition presented by Wijdan to her Bahraini audience. The artist has recently explored the topic of love, which was the major and foremost concept of a number of exhibitions she had in Spain, Italy and Jordan. Her compositions and sculptures made of Italian Murano glass, show the distinct varieties and shifts of her career, where we see her moving confidently from one phase to another, within a clear artistic vision based on the mystical manifestations and sublime sense of love. Her works create a wonderful dialogue between form and essence, using diversified techniques which support the underlying concept. Only an accomplished artist can achieve the tricky task of impressing the audience again and again.

Transparencies II is a very important addition to Wijdan’s distinguished career.

“Love” is not ephemeral; it is an incentive for life, needed now more than ever, to stand against hate, resentment and violence and to inspire goodness, tolerance and peace.
The inimitable simplicity of Wijdan’s artistic style fills our hearts with love and optimism, marks our vista with enchanting colors, and emits gleams of sublime love on our pathways. Shapes, colors, letters, words, textures, layers of collage, different materials and transparencies; all work together to build the composition, and support the concept. Paintings and sculptures address the sight and insight, and spread joy around us. Transparencies II is an exhibition by Wijdan, the woman, the pioneer, the founder, the artist and the eternal explorer of art.

Dr. Khalid Khreis
Director, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
Amman, Jordan