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Between Memory and Event: How the Arab Collective Mind is Formed

Oct 2022
Monday 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM

The event is finished.

Taher Baraka is a Lebanese media personality and broadcaster. At the Lebanese University, he studied media, literature, and Arabic. Before joining Al Arabiya more than a decade ago, he worked for a number of Lebanese and Arab media outlets and institutions. Taher was named Best Broadcaster at Beirut’s 4th Arab Media Festival.

From the idea of a house that opens its door to the cultures and sciences of the peoples, to the house whose owner used to write and gather what happens in the place and outside it … the house of Abdullah Al Zayed was the first to found journalism in Bahrain with a modern press and library. He was also the first to open a cinema. He was the only editor who worked passionately to publish the weekly Bahrain Newspaper, and even encouraged aspirants to write about literature and culture.

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