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Originality in Every Era

Oct 2023
Monday 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM

The event is finished.

Karima Skalli is a Moroccan singer, nicknamed the “Lady of Sufi Singing” and famous for her ability to master various melodic maqams and her outstanding performance on the most important stages of the world. The Moroccan singer was born in Casablanca, where she continued her studies until high school, and in Marrakech she joined the Conservatory to study singing, piano and oud. In 1994, she received the prize of the television program “Masika”, and in 1999 She became famous in the Arab world after participating in Arab Music Festival and Conference when she stood on the stage of the Egyptian Opera House in Cairo, and from that moment she became a frequent participant in festivals of culture, ancient and traditional Arab music, in all the world.

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