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The builders of the Alhambra Can poetry be made into a building? A documentary by Spanish film director Isabel Fernández

Dec 2023
Saturday 07:00 PM

The event is finished.

A documentary by Spanish film director Isabel Fernández Upon realizing the impending demise of his besieged kingdom, Sultan Yusuf I of Granada undertakes the construction of the Alhambra palaces to preserve the splendor of their civilization. His visionary vizier, Ibn al-Khatib (Amr Waked), a poet and a genius ahead of his time, faces a dilemma as the Sultan's son introduces new ideas for the kingdom's reign, bridging the gap between the old and emerging worlds in 14th-century Granada. Country: Spain. Year: 2022. Duration: 112 min Genre: Documentary, History, Drama.

Where memory is the house of culture and knowledge; where the original council, separated by a cultural sidewalk that connects Muharraq with the intellectuals and writers of the world. The house itself, located at the heart of the city, opens its doors to cultural production in the fields of thought, literature, politics, philosophy, culture and art.

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