Opening Date:
January 2018

The “search” center is a center specialized in “elementary particle physics”
The Search Center seeks to cooperate locally with scientific institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, especially the University of Bahrain, with scientific institutions in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and internationally with global scientific research centers, especially with the European Organization for Nuclear Research “CERN”, which is the largest research center in the world in the field of particle physics.

Achievements of the search center
The center began implementing an ambitious work plan, in cooperation with the University of Bahrain and the European Organization for Nuclear Research, by holding the first scientific exhibition for CERN in the Middle East “CERN in Bahrain” on 9/2/2019. As a result of its success, the exhibition was transferred to the State of Kuwait in cooperation with the Center for Scientific Progress as well as Kuwait University. The exhibition “CERN in Kuwait” was opened on 11/11/2019, the exhibition will be transferred to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the near future.

The Search Center, in cooperation with CERN, held several workshops for physics teachers and high school students, as part of the center’s goals of interest in basic sciences. The Center also supported a number of University of Bahrain students in their scholarship to CERN to complete the scientific projects in the experiment of the muon detector, which is part of the Large Hadron Collider.
The Center has issued the Large Hadron Collider Handbook in Arabic, as well as the translation of the CERN Impact Handbook into Arabic, as well as two booklets on the fundamental particles and fundamental forces in the universe.
It is hoped that, with the support of the Search Center, researchers from the Kingdom of Bahrain will participate in a new experiment at CERN, “MilliQan Experiment”, the aim of the experiment is to search for the basic particles of dark matter, which constitute 95% of the universe’s matter.