Our Mother Language Award

12 Jan 2023

The Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture and Research recalls the follow-up of receiving applications for nomination for the “Our Mother Tongue” award in its first session, which was launched last year during its celebrations of its twenty-first anniversary, and it is awarded at a rate of once every two years, and specializes in honoring what contributes to highlighting the Arabic language and its thinkers through any activity related to it, whether it is a revival of cultural houses that reflect the lives of writers, poets, thinkers and researchers of the Arabic language, or a cultural event that enhances the language and its position in society. The Mother Language Award reflects Arab cultural identity by honoring institutions or individuals working to advance the Arab cultural Scene.

The award is issued by the Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Center for Culture and Research in the Kingdom of Bahrain and will be followed up by a jury composed of specialists, and can be submitted through the following form.

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