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Bu Zaboon House

Location Muharraq
Opens On Sat - Thur, 8:00am - 1:00pm | 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Opened on: January 12, 2012

In a long moment extended between the people of a particular place and its visitors, everything at the center of this architecture demonstrates a single idea, an intimate encounter, and a shared memory!

These walls carry the ability to bring people together and shine a light. And where the splendor of traditional Bahraini architecture combines with contemporary details, celebrates its arrivals, turning a routine event into an elegant presence.

At the heart of this intimate architecture, the hands yield a moment of Arab generosity, in the spirit of closeness and love, where memory has no end. Bu Zaboon opens its doors to beautiful experiences, its features invite the guests. Everything appears stylish as Bu Zaboon celebrates arrivals in its own way.

Here, hospitality is in its heart, and events are its most beautiful proof. Everything that seems so long ago is preserved in the habits of the place and its details, its light magic touch.

In the Arab tradition of hospitality, on behalf of the people of Muharraq and Bahrain: Welcome …

Bu Zaboon’s architecture:
Bu Zaboon was founded by Mohammed bin Jasim Seyadi in 1368 H. or 1949 A.D., and transferred to Khalil Ismail Bu Zaboon through the auctioneer Ali bin Ibrahim Bu Assli. It was then used to treat and sell the materials used to build the boats used for pearl diving.

Mohammed Khalil Bu Zaboon owned the building until 1963 when it was handed over to the descendants of the original owner, Jassim Abdullah and Ismail. This occurred in 1997 and it was closed in 2000.

The building was designed with a shop front and a space opening onto the sea where the wood for the boats was treated.

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