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Memory of the place – Bin Matar House

Location Muharraq
Opens On Sat - Thur, 8:00am - 1:00pm | 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Opened on: February 2009

If the sea had a memory, his memory would be rain… a voice far from life has survived, for he is as all those who leave for the sea one day in the life of men, and return: body sounds, as shapes of music and song, then the sea carries their possessions to land, and says: These are signals of survival.

The Matar House carries these memories of what those sailors did and said, until it became today a memory of the place, and children of the city. The house pays homage to the memory of Salman Matar and his family. It still stands today and has for many years, a symbol for generations’ ties to the unique architecture of Muharraq and distinctive quality that has distinguished this building since its founding. With the support of the bank Arcapita, the Sheikh Ebrahim Center has been able to restore a remarkable example of traditional architecture, and recover its soul by returning life to it.

Throughout the restoration work, great care was taken to preserve the unique architectural features while transforming part of it into an arts space which has since its opening in 2009 hosted a number of local, Arab and international exhibitions. The building also serves as a beautiful embodiment at the same time of the relationship between the merchant Salman bin Matar, his family, and the pearl trade. This history can be found in the main showrooms at the heart of the place.

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