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The Unknown Bodies: Mahmoud Darwish’s Unknown Days in Egypt

May 2023
Monday 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Sayed Mahmoud is an Egyptian journalist and poet. He holds a postgraduate degree in modern and contemporary history from the Faculty of Arts at Cairo University. He won the Dubai Prize for Arab Journalism and served as editor-in-chief of Al-Qahira newspaper published by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture (2014-2017). He authored Mahmoud Darwish’s book The Unknown Matn and served as one of the judges for the Arabic Booker Prize for Fiction, the Sawiris Literary Award, and the Arab Press Award in Dubai. He is currently the Managing Editor of Al-Ahram Foundation, Al-Ahram Al-Arabi Magazine, and a member of the first board of trustees of the Naguib Mahfouz Museum, and the History Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture in Egypt. He worked in many publications of Al-Ahram and won the first prize from the Egyptian Journalists Union for the best literary coverage in 2001. He writes a weekly column in the Egyptian newspaper Echorouk.

From the idea of a house that opens its door to the cultures and sciences of the peoples, to the house whose owner used to write and gather what happens in the place and outside it … the house of Abdullah Al Zayed was the first to found journalism in Bahrain with a modern press and library. He was also the first to open a cinema. He was the only editor who worked passionately to publish the weekly Bahrain Newspaper, and even encouraged aspirants to write about literature and culture.

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