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Failure is the Way to Success

Oct 2021
Monday 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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Egyptian writer and journalist, Mirna El Helbawy has started a small blog in 2011 and then went on to work as a journalist for the Egyptian 7 Days magazine. Al-Helbawi was the second prize-winner of the Dubai Prize for Arab Journalism in 2016. Despite this success, Mirna has left the press after more than 300 articles, 20 exclusive interviews and hundreds of reports. Mirna El Helbawy worked on the first Arabic-speaking French radio station in Egypt, NRJ Egypt. She also published two books; “Bitter like coffee, sweet as chocolate” in 2018 and Kundalini “in 2020, still on the bestseller list so far.

From the idea of a house that opens its door to the cultures and sciences of the peoples, to the house whose owner used to write and gather what happens in the place and outside it … the house of Abdullah Al Zayed was the first to found journalism in Bahrain with a modern press and library. He was also the first to open a cinema. He was the only editor who worked passionately to publish the weekly Bahrain Newspaper, and even encouraged aspirants to write about literature and culture.

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