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Travelers – Cultures Trust Promoters and Protectors

Feb 2020
Monday 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM

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With over two decades of global professional working and living experience, Anita Mendiratta’s global hands-on, cross-cultural, cross-industry experience in both public and private sectors has created an innate ability to feel the ‘heartbeat’ of societies – the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental dynamics impacting and inspiring nations facing change, including confronting challenge. Anita Mendiratta is Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the UNWTO, Strategic Advisor to CNN International in the area of Tourism & Economic Development, as well as a strategic resource to the WORLD BANK, and other international companies.

From the idea of a house that opens its door to the cultures and sciences of the peoples, to the house whose owner used to write and gather what happens in the place and outside it … the house of Abdullah Al Zayed was the first to found journalism in Bahrain with a modern press and library. He was also the first to open a cinema. He was the only editor who worked passionately to publish the weekly Bahrain Newspaper, and even encouraged aspirants to write about literature and culture.

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