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Writing Arts in the digital age

Oct 2020
Monday 08:00 PM - 09:00 PM

The event is finished.

It is difficult to summarize the literary, academic and scientific life of Dr. Mohamed Salah Fadl, who taught, wrote and educated generations in many Universities from Spain (Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, University of Madrid), to Al-Azhar University, the University of Mexico, Ain Shams, the Universities of Sana’a, Yemen and the Kingdom of Bahrain. A writer, critic and academic, Dr. Fadl has many books, researches, and articles. He is also considered as a social activist, with many awards, including the Babtain Award for Creativity in Criticism of Poetry (1997) and the State Appreciation Award in Literature (2000). Dr. Salah Fadl meets Sheikh Ibrahim Center followers on the YouTube channel to talk about the arts of writing in the digital age.

Where memory is the house of culture and knowledge; where the original council, separated by a cultural sidewalk that connects Muharraq with the intellectuals and writers of the world. The house itself, located at the heart of the city, opens its doors to cultural production in the fields of thought, literature, politics, philosophy, culture and art.

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